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What’s in store for Morgana?

In the last series Morgana stopped being a good little princess and started to become the evil sorceress of legend. It is really nice to play someone who is that in control and that powerful, and to be a woman playing that is fantastic – and so fun! Bad girls get all the best lines.

What skills have you acquired in five series of Merlin?

This series I’ve finally learned to gallop on a horse. I could sit on a horse and just about be ok but as soon as the horse started trotting – there is something very inelegant about a horse trotting and I swear to god when you’re wearing a corset it doesn’t get any better!  So we’ve bypassed trotting. I’ve decided that Morgana doesn’t trot; she gallops.

Anything else?

I can say old English in a hispanic/Italian accent. I made a decision back in series four that when Morgana casts spells, she should sound really sexy so I started adopting an accent. I can also walk in heels which I couldn’t do before Merlin. When she was good Morgana, she had very high heels; now she gets to wear flats, which is another good thing about being bad – she’s a far more practical girl!

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